North Carolina Welcome Centers and Visitors Centers

I-26 Eastbound (Mile Marker 7)
Madison Welcome Center
I-26 Westbound (Mile Marker 66)
Polk Welcome Center
I-40 Eastbound (Mile Marker 10)
Waywood Welcome Center
I-73/74 Northbound (Mile Marker 58)
Randolph Visitor Center
I-73/74 Southbound (Mile Marker 58)
Randolph Visitor Center
I-77 Northbound (Mile Marker 1)
Mecklenburg Welcome Center
I-77 Southbound (Mile Marker 106)
Surry Welcome Center
I-85 Northbound (Mile Marker 2)
Cleveland Welcome Center
I-85 Southbound (Mile Marker 231)
Warren Welcome Center
I-95 Northbound (Mile Marker 5)
Robeson Welcome Center
I-95 Southbound (Mile Marker 181)
Northampton Welcome Center
US-17 Bidirectional (1 mi South of VA)
Camden Visitor Center
US-17 Bidirectional (at Shallotte)
Brunswick Visitor Center
US-29 Bidirectional (2 mi South of VA S.L.)
Caswell Visitor Center
US-64 Bidirectional (at Columbia)
Tyrrell Visitor Center
US-64 Bidirectional (at Columbia)
Dare Visitor Center
US-70 Bidirectional (at Morehead City)
Carteret Visitor Center
US-158 Bidirectional (at Kitty Hawk)
Dare Visitor Center
US-221 Bidirectional (at NC-1195)
McDowell Visitor Center
US-421 Bidirectional (1 mi West of NC 115)
Wilks Visitor Center
US-441 / US-23 Bidirectional (4 mi south of Franklin)
Macon Visitor Center